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Posted May 28, 2013

2013 marks the first year I have offered a print only option which allows the buyer to mat the print as desired. Simple enough until  time to set the price. You see, I crop many of my images....

Not all photographers crop. In fact, some photographers used to include the film sprockets in their prints to show that they were presenting the entire image. They cropped in the view finder. Others, including me, feel we can get a stronger image (Edward Weston terminology) by cropping and we're not willing to throw such an image away. We crop! Such an example is shown below. The first image is the un-cropped version.

The subject of this image is the fantastic colors in the rock wall by the stream and their reflection in the water. But the foliage to the left adds nothing to the subject and in fact, the bright area in the upper left attracts attention away from the wall.  So, I cropped.

Is the cropped image the better one? I think so, but as in all things art you will have to decide for yourself.

Since the image is somewhat smaller now should the price be the same? If it is matted, I would place both images in the same size mat. The cropped image would simply have a different border. Based on this fact, I am pricing each print based on the mat size I would use for it.


Art Festivals - The Process

Posted April 1, 2013


2013 is well underway and my art festival season is just starting to take form. Am I procrastinating? Well, no. It takes awhile. The process goes like this.

  • First, I select a set of art fairs that I would like to exhibit at.
  • To apply I send a jury fee ($30 typically) and three or four examples of my work plus an image of my booth. I am told exactly what to submit and how to submit it. A jury uses these images to select participants.
  • I then wait for the results of the jury selection process. I can be accepted , put on the wait list or rejected. If a spot opens up, the spot will be filled from artists on the wait list.
  • If selected, I then pay the exhibitors fee ($200 - $500 typically) and mark my calendar.
  • If rejected, I now have an open spot on my calendar. Typically it is too late to apply to other art fairs happening on that date. For that reason some artists will apply to multiple art fairs on a given date hoping that they will be accepted by at least one of them. That of course drives up the cost of admission...

While all this is happening, the work to be exhibited is being readied and the booth is being upgraded and repaired. When all is ready with the booth the work to be displayed is set up in it and a photograph of the booth is taken for next season's jury process (if needed).

As each art fair weekend approaches, the weather report for that area becomes very interesting!

Oh yeah, also during this process, plans are made to take images, images images. Some of these will be used next season and some may be used this season. This September I'll be shooting in California and Colorado  as well as around my home in southwestern Virginia - so far.



End of Year

Posted December 4, 2012

2012 is drawing to a close and so is this year's photography.  This has been a busy year that ended in the Moab, Utah area in late November.  An example of what you can expect from this trip is:


I spent the fall color period in Virginia and West Virginia.


In late July I was in Glacier National Park in Montana

and in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.


The season started along the Blue Ridge Parkway in late May.

Still to be done is the selection of images for my 2013 portfolio. To do this I do an initial selection from all of the images in Adobe Lightroom. After studying these for awhile, I select an initial set of “keepers” and start developing them. Over the next days and weeks, I work on these images and sometimes drop some and add others. Finally, when I'm satisfied with image quality, I'll make a small print of each. Family, friends, and especially my wife, Janine, then enter the picture (sorry!) as my “jury” by selecting their favorites and the dogs I let in. From the final set, I then select the art show jury images, the web site images and the exhibition images to print.

It has been a good year for me and I hope for you as well!


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